Figure Collection Update #5

We Are Killing It This Week

It’s been a fairly strong week with tons of anime figure progress, which was pleasantly much more than I had initially anticipated.

One of the exciting news that I’d like to share with you is that I finally managed to fully setup and configure my account  despite holding off on making one since forever! You can find me by clicking here to check out my profile. I’m now virtually on it a daily basis. Drop by and leave me a message or send me a FR and let’s be friends!

As I’m approaching my 100 figure milestone, there has been quite a few things that have been a topic of discussion on my website recently. From what to do with excess anime figure boxes to my current figure focus criterias, and my fixation on dolls as a new hobby frontier – I feel like there is still so much to the hobby that I can talk about and I can now say I’m starting to really overcome the writer’s block that has plagued me since the dawn of time.

I have even taken some strides in tidying up my figure expenditure list to better communicate accurately the costs and inventory management which also includes at any given time, the exact tally of how many figures of a particular scale at a glance.

This week I have went ahead to further my figure collecting hobby by moving to swiftly adding three more new figures to the family.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming from Japan!