Hot Figure Minute Presents

1/7 Takamura Yui – Gekka Ver. By Kotobukiya

Tonight’s photo session will focus on this stunning 1/7 scale Kotobukiya – Takamura Yui -Gekka- ver from Muv-Luv!

There’s something to be said for ladies in Kimono’s. Particularly, everything for this Yui figure has it going for her.

From her alluring aloof pose, facial feature, attractive legs, skin tone and sparkle in her eyes to the stunning floral patterns and expert use of warm colour tones that appeal while catch the eyes along with and the matching wagasa (japanese oil-paper umbrella)!

I discovered this figure online by chance since her FREE-ing B-Style counterpart is up for Pre-order which I’m seriously contesting for…love her character design and any fan of Muv-Luv or Kimono’s ought to make this figure part of a staple collection!


  • Points for color, allure, facial expression, pose
  • Extra points for attention to detail in the umbrella and kimono

We’ll see you for our next Hot Figure Minute!