Hot Figure Minute Presents

1/5 Sonico – SoniComi Package ver. By Orchid Seed

The latest figure loot has arrived today! Figured I’d stagger some of the latest figure photo shoots over the next couple days! Tonight however, all eyes are focused on my new 1/5 scale SoniComi Super Sonico Package ver by Orchid Seed! As expected with a 1/5 scale, the heft is unreal! Attention to detail to the bikini, thigh-high, signature headphones and boots are fantastic!

The skin tone is spot on! This pose really allows you to appreciate the voluptuous body of Sonico! This figure is cast-offable with the bikini top being able to be removed! Without getting too much into details…the “details under the hood” are pretty well done in terms of accuracy to realism lol. In my last post about this figure, when I say I got her for a bargain, it was a real bargain. She retails at ¥11,429 but I managed to snipe her for a mere ¥7,040!

One of my best snipes this year for sure hands down! Given that this figure was released back in 2013, if you can still lay your hands on this thing of beauty, I’d absolutely encourage you to add her to your collection today!

See you on our next Hot Figure Minute!