Hot Figure Minute Presents

1/8 Ultimate Madoka By Good Smile Company

Welcome to our website’s very first Hot Figure Minute where we bring you the latest and best looking figures!

Today we aren’t talking about the latest figure, but it certainly is a great looking one and many figure connoisseurs alike has agreed that this one takes up one spot on the God Tier level list.

Introducing 1/8 Ultimate Madoka from Good Smile with the titular character taking aim with her bow in the final scene that captivated audiences of the very well received Puella Magi Madoka Magica series that spawned a 12 episode animated TV series, a slew of manga, 2 video games, and 3 movies.

So why did we choose to talk about this figure you ask? Sure it came out in December of 2012 (4 yrs ago at the time of this writing) – well, it just so happens I was browsing into the late evenings on my favourite website AmiAmi before calling it a night for some pre-owned figures (call it window shopping if you will from my computer screen) looking to snipe some good deals on sold out figures which I had great success with in the recent couple months.

Lo and behold, within a few pages of products this figure magically (no pun intended) appeared before me. Now, the likely hood of such a rare sought after figure for $110 USD doesn’t just happen to be listed everyday so I already psychologically prepared myself that it would have been sold by the time I clicked on it to verify further and it wasn’t long until this figure found its way into the shopping cart with a matching figma!! ($56 USD in case you were wondering)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this was a figure snipe equivalent to striking a jackpot twice in a single sitting at the slots. One of my best snipes to date.

I got the order confirmation and within a matter of hours (that same morning) I received a payment request and well the rest is history. The only thing remaining is my sanity and the shipping confirmation, of which the latter hasn’t happened yet.

Going back to topic…

This figure design is among the most well designed and well thought out in recent times. From the fine detailing to the colours used are phenomenal. The post, quite dramatically striking wouldn’t you agree? The size (from my understanding) is fairly large for a 1/8 scale and considering its rarity for the price I paid, I’d be damned I picked up a pre-owned at that price point. I paid more for my 1/7 Chloe Von Einzbern figure and risked possibly losing it to customs (a risque figure) with not much to show but a fine slender body work and yummy skin tone.

Arrival ETA should be sometime next week, I paid a fortune for EMS (actually surprised its not more than I thought) given the size of the figure box is just plain massive (arguably one of the if not the largest) box.

To keep things short – that’s it for this first Hot Figure Minute with Kai, looking forward to bringing you the next latest figure!