New Laptop & New Figures!

Good day to you!

It’s been a lively past couple weeks, last post was a bit deep and dark but heck I needed to purge that from my system. It allows me to continue moving forward and clears the mind.

So what’s been new you might be thinking?

New Laptop

Yes, I said laptop, no it’s not an ultra book or a fancy Mac Book Pro – its totted as one of the most powerful workstation laptops today at the time of this writing (on my new laptop) – Lenovo’s Thinkpad P50. Features some of the best in class load-out options available to mankind. In its 15″ chassis, it houses the beastly Intel Xeon E3-1505M processor, Nvidia Quadro Professional Graphics M2000M 4GB, Crucial class 15 2133mhz 64GB (4 x 16GB) computer memory, 3 drive bays comprising of 2 M.2. slots and a 2.5″ SATA 3. It does have an additonal slot for a WWAN adapter that can support up to 4GB/LTE. Screen option for this build I decided to stick with the standard IPS 1080p matte anti-glare panel (there was a 4K option), and comes loaded with a back-lit keyboard and a upgraded touch biometrics (fingerprint reader) scanner.

More about this laptop in a upcoming product review. Look out for that!



I have went ahead and PO’d some new figures, namely:

  • Fate/stay night – Master Altria 1/7 from Alter
  • Fate/stay night – Heroine X 1/7 from Alter
  • Super Sonico with Macaron Tower 1/7 – Alphamax

There is a few more that are on my list I have yet to get but will update further in another post!



I went ahead and got myself into audio recently, its very likely that I’ll be making a trip to Long and Mcquade again for some speakers (Dj ones), also ordered my first professional flashlight – Thrunite’s A2 V3 tactical flashlight, I’ll be looking forward to doing a quick review on that as well – I meant to get it for EDC but heck its labeled a tactical flashlight so that’s fine, I’ll get to say I EDC a tactical flashlight now LOL.

All of which will be featured in a short product review soon. Just lots of work is patting me down. I am currently watching Re:Life on the advice of a friend, really enjoying it, more about it in the next few days. I’m juggling whether update my website more which I should or finish that series…

Anyway, I’m almost in Cambridge for a home inspection – will continue again later tonight.


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