Lazy Victoria Long Weekend

It was a lazy long Victoria long weekend, currently siting in the back seat of the van typing this over the 410 and listening to Benassi Bro’s Rocket In The Sky for the first time on the way home from a delightful dinner at Richmond Court Restaurant – reflecting on my time I have spent the last 3 days.

It was really non-productive I must say beyond the fact that I got a lot of sleep, I’ll probably burn some of the last of my energy on some Black Desert Online as soon as I get home.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. I’m hoping to roll out some updates tomorrow and hopefully find more time to crank up this website.

I hit a writers block again but I think it was a light knock. Just got to find something to write and then toss it up and hope that it sticks!

More about my interesting life I guess in the next day or two.


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