It’s Full Sail Ahead!


My eyes are about to bleed.

How many times have I had to figure out what stupid crippling post to throw up onto my new website? Well today (tonight) is where I’ll back in about X amount of years and finally look at this post and say “It’s about god damn time”

I finally mapped out my website and I think I’m comfortable the way its streamlined (I’m beyond anal retentive if there’s word for it) when it comes to how I want to present my website and I think it’s well equipped to carry my future content as it comes!

After a couple of agonizing months setting up my anime figure collection (I have done this at least 3-4 times), I think its time to set the sails to where ever the hell heck it goes.

Now do excuse the content, if you are reading this and this is the only post in the couple of posts to come, please be informed I’m working to get my Display Case section in order, so I would appreciate that you check back regularly for updates. I would love comments if it can help with getting this site in shape.

Off to bed and this will be my little life long project to oblivion.


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